Kururunfa Kata

Kururunfa is an advanced kata brought back from China. It features shifting the body (evasive maneuvers) and very quick movement.

Kata Kururunfa is one of the original Kata from Ryu Ru Ko Sensei taught to him while in Fuzchou in the Fukien Province of China and was handed down to Kanryo Higaonna Sensei and on to Chojun Miyagi creator of Goju ryu and Kenwa Mabuni creator of Shito Ryu. The original creator of this Kata is unknown.

When translated it means;
1. Seventeen 2. Holding your ground. 3. Ku (long), ru (hold), run (sudden), fa (break) 4. Forever stopsPeaceful and tearing (tearing & shatter share the same Kanji).

The following thoughts on the kanji for this kata are:

  • 1st kanji means “a long length of time”.
  • 2nd kanji implies a sense of to remain/stay behind/detain, (eg: inviting a friend over for dinner and not wanting him to leave, wanting him to stay longer).
  • 3rd kanji is translated as “suddenly”, or abruptly.
  • 4th kanji, can be “tearing”…the kanji consists of 2 radicals, the left one meaning ‘stone’ and the right side meaning ‘skin’ ie implying a sense of destroying, ‘tearing’ apart, solving a problem, or even a sense of breaking through a Defense.

The many movements in Kururunfa include shifting the body or evasive maneuvers and are very quick followed by heavy movements (hard followed by soft) similar to Seisan and a wide variety of other motions (many open hand) both attacking and defending or trapping. Kururunfa also utilizes a combination coordinated with hip movements. Kururunfa teaches exceptional balance and transitions from one stance to another. Its close in hooking blocks ( Kakete )and grappling maneuvers are reminiscent of Seipai. This is the second to the highest of all Naha-te Kata.