Learning Karate Techniques

 Learning karate techniques is no different than learning any subject at school or any skill in life. It requires effort, attention, persistence, discipline and organization. Learning karate techniques is based on the human brain functions of receiving through our senses, remembering, analyzing, outputting and controlling. Analogy with children learning to tie their shoelaces This process … Read more

Knee ligament injuries

What are knee ligaments? Ligaments are strong cords of tissue that hold joints together and connect them to the adjacent bones. There are four in the knee medial collateral ligament (MCL) lateral collateral ligament (LCL) anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) Any one of these ligaments, or a combination of them, can become … Read more

Yoi & Zanshin

What is Yoi Often when you watch Karate tournament you will notice in sparring segments that the competitors with the superior techniques are not always the ones who win the matches. A competitor who receive a minor injury a match, for example, will suddenly become hesitate to attack, and, in spite of possessing superior skills, … Read more

Rei & Osu

They say Karate begins and ends with REI, which means “respect,” as well as “courtesy.” Karate students treat not only people with respect, but also such things as their school and uniforms. What this mean that we do not take these things for granted. The left radical in REI means “deity” while the right signifies “bounty.” In other … Read more

Tanden & Kiai

Tanden refers to the human body’s center of gravity, which is the lower abdominal area below the navel. According to traditional Asian beliefs, this is the area from which the body relays a form of energy that is called Ki in Japanese, the energy that moves and changes all things in universe. Ki and tanden … Read more

Increase your Flexibility

The following article is based on the video: Flexibility, Reflexes, Coordination by Sang H. Kim. The above article is copyrighted by the author. All rights reserved. Special thanks to Turtle Press for the use of this article. Stretch every time you exercise. The only way to improve your flexibility is through consistent stretching exercises. Every … Read more

Pinan or Heian & Naifanchi or Tekki

Way of peace (literally, “Great Peace”, sometimes translated as “Calm Mind”, “Peaceful Mind”, “Serenity”, or “Security.”). The Pinan kata series was introduced into the Okinawan School District karate program as gym training from 1902 to 1907 by Ankoh Itosu. The history of this kata is somewhat controversial – Kobayashi Shorin-Ryu stylists claim that Itosu developed … Read more

Weight Training

Muscle power is the ability of the muscle to do maximum work within the shortest amount of time. Muscle endurance is the ability of the muscle to do moderate work over an extended period of time. Weight Training trains and develops the muscles for power. Spot reduction is not possible, however, adding lean muscle raises … Read more