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Makiwara and how to use it!


   Makiwara is a punching board. It is a piece of equipment essential in toughening the hands, strengthening the wrists and giving training in hand techniques. A makiwara consists of a straight board with the top portion fitted for punching. The board itself is made from a seven or eight foot long four-by-four, cut diagonally so … Read more

Sensei ( Who is Sensei in Karate )

…The relationship of Sensei to the dojo is very difficult to define as it encompasses many aspects of life. The character of Sensei must flow through the student at many levels and reach to the far corners of the student’s life. A Sensei is sometimes a parent figure, and may advice, or even chastises students. … Read more

Making a fist

To make a fist, start by folding the fingers so that the tips reach only to the base of the fingers. Then continue to fold the fingers inward until the tips are pressed tightly into the palm. Press the thumb firmly over the second joint of the index and middle fingers. The little finger is … Read more

Sho-Go – Master’s Titles

SHO-GO is the masters title-system set up by the Dai-Nippon Butoku-kai (greater Japan Budo Encouragement Federation established in 1895 in Kyoto). It is consist of three ranks, Renshi, Kyoshi and Hanshi. The sho-go awarded by the All Japan Karate Do Federation (shitokai) and World Shitoryu Karate do Federation (WSKF), will consist of the three similar ranks and are … Read more

The proper way of folding the uniform (Gi)

Sanchin & Tenshow

   By: Sensei Patrick Leung, Secretary General of APSKF Sanchin and Tenshow are two basic katas originated from the school of Naha-te. They are two sets of prescribed movements in slow motion that can be categorized as a kind of Qi-gong in Karatedo. The practice of Sanchin and Tenshow requires the correct conception of the … Read more

The proper way of tying the belt (Obi)

Physical Aspects of Karate

Power, speed and form, are the foundations of karate techniques. Power results from a force exerted upon an object. Force may be simply stated a the product of mass (such as a fist and the body weight behind it) and acceleration (change of velocity), or f = m x a. This suggest one way in … Read more