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Concept of KI and KIME in Karate

The concept of KI is one of the most difficult associated with the philosophy and practice of karate. It is hardly surprising that many karateka are interested in understanding just what KI is supposed to be. Etymologically, the word “KI” derives from the Chinese “chi.” In Chinese philosophy, chi was originally supposed to be that … Read more

Increase your Flexibility

The following article is based on the video: Flexibility, Reflexes, Coordination by Sang H. Kim. The above article is copyrighted by the author. All rights reserved. Special thanks to Turtle Press for the use of this article. Stretch every time you exercise. The only way to improve your flexibility is through consistent stretching exercises. Every … Read more

Pinan or Heian & Naifanchi or Tekki

Way of peace (literally, “Great Peace”, sometimes translated as “Calm Mind”, “Peaceful Mind”, “Serenity”, or “Security.”). The Pinan kata series was introduced into the Okinawan School District karate program as gym training from 1902 to 1907 by Ankoh Itosu. The history of this kata is somewhat controversial – Kobayashi Shorin-Ryu stylists claim that Itosu developed … Read more

Weight Training

Muscle power is the ability of the muscle to do maximum work within the shortest amount of time. Muscle endurance is the ability of the muscle to do moderate work over an extended period of time. Weight Training trains and develops the muscles for power. Spot reduction is not possible, however, adding lean muscle raises … Read more

Plyometric Training

 Plyometrics is not a new concept. It has been used for improving performance for years. It is just recently that it has gained wide attention. The word Plyometrics has been in use since the 1960’s. Plyometric training is based on using movements that are similar to the type of movement that would be done in … Read more


The Mind; Your Greatest Weapon (almost). Our mind is the center of it all. It controls our thoughts and our actions during fighting and during training. During tournaments one can see some fighters tensed up and lose their concentration, especially if the spectators starts shouting and screaming obscenities from all directions. Some fighters appears relax … Read more

Purpose of training karate

Karate is an activity that is truly international in scope. People from varying backgrounds practice it in virtually every country in the world. Men, women, and children of all ages can be found in many karate clubs wherever you go. Why are all of these people doing karate? Well, there are many possible reasons. In … Read more

The Pulling Hand (Hikite)

When performing blocks or strikes that utilize the arms, one arm typically moves out to either meet the target or to intercept the attack while the other is pulled back to what is often referred to as the chamber position, either the top of the hip bone or the floating ribs. In either case, the pulling … Read more