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Who is who in the Dojo

Sensei Sensei means teacher and is used as respectful form of address for instructors and karateka of very high rank. They generally sit on the joseki (Shinzen or shomen) side. When entering a dojo bow to the joseki (Shinzen or shomen) first and then to sensei then ask for permission to train in his or … Read more

Shu Ha Ri

   Shu Ha Ri is a term the Japanese use to describe the overall progression of martial arts training, as well as the lifelong relationship the student will enjoy with his or her instructor. Shu can either mean “to protect” or “to obey.” The dual meaning of the term is aptly descriptive of the relationship between … Read more


Muscle Fiber Types There are two types of muscle fibers, fast twitch (FT) and slow twitch (ST). Fast twitch fibers are used for explosive type movements and are easily fatigued. Slow twitch muscle fibers contain more mitochondria than Fast twitch. Mitochondria are cell structures that contain specific enzymes which are required by the cell in … Read more