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Itosu Wanshu (糸洲汪輯) Kata

Sensei Tanzadeh performing Itosu Wanshu Kata

Wanshu (糸洲汪輯, also ワンシュー) The way of writing the name of this kata (汪輯) means “Wang’s Series (or Form)” and refers to the name of the diplomat Wang (1621 – 1689). A poet, calligrapher, diplomat, and martial artist in the Shaolin tradition of Fujian White Crane, he is often credited with teaching chu’an fa to the gentry of Tomari region. Many karate traditions include … Read more

Chinte (珍手) Kata

Sensei Tanzadeh performing Chinte Kata

Chinte (珍手) (“Rare Hand” or “Strange Hand”) is a kata from Shuri-te system introduced by Master Anko Itosu. It is a very old kata originating from China. Its mixture of standard movements and rarely seen techniques, vestiges of ancient forms, give this kata a special appeal. Particularly dynamic, with its alternating strong and slow passages,. It is a kata … Read more