Ashi Sabaki, Tempo Hassoku

Executing a technique while moving forward or backward, or to the right or left, is not a matter of normal walking or running or hopping about like a frog. Movement in any direction depends on using the legs correctly.

One leg is the pivot leg. This is the leg on the side opposite to the direction of movement, and it supplies the starting force. With the forceful straightening of the knee, the foot is driven against the floor, creating a reaction. The hips and upper body then move(foreward, backward,…) together with the other leg.

the foot of the moving leg slides over the floor lightly.
the differentiation between the pivot leg and the moving leg is an important basic point. It should be learned thoroughly and put into practice. The pivot leg kicks and pushes the floor strongly; the moving leg slides very quickly but very smoothly. Below is the list of Shitoryu’s footworks.

  • Ayumi Ashi
    • Mae Ayumi Ashi
    • Mae Naname Ayumi Ashi
    • Ushiro Ayumi Ashi
    • Ushiro Naname Ayumi Ashi
  • Yori Ashi
    • Mae Yori Ashi
    • Mae Naname Yori Ashi
    • Ushiro Yori Ashi
    • Ushiro Naname Yori Ashi
  • Tsugi Ashi
    • Mae Tsugi Ashi
    • Mae Naname Tsugi Ashi
    • Ushrio Tsugi Ashi
    • Ushiro Naname Tsugi Ashi
  • Hiki Ashi
  • Hiraki Ashi
    • Hiraki Yose Ashi
    • Hiraki Kosa Ashi
  • Okuri Ashi
  • Mawari Ashi
  • Tobi Ashi