Juni No Kata

Juni No Kata (Taikyoku or Dai Ichi Dosa) Forms of twelve techniques (Basic formal beginner exercise)
This is the primary kind of kata practice on the Embusen I. Usually; there are three Juni No Kata katas. The principle aim in this kata is the Lunge punch (Oi-zuki). This kata is also known as Tai Kyoku or Dai Ichi Dosa. Perhaps the reason is that the number of attacks in such kata is twelve. In Junino ichi or Taikyoku Shodan or Dai Ichi Dosa, a downward block is used; in Junino ni or Taikyoku Nidan, an middle block is used; and in Junino san or Taikyoku Sandan, the upper block in cat-leg stance and front kick and middle punch are used. Juni No katas are practiced before Heian katas.