Meaning of each Shitoryu Karate Kata

Heian (Pinan) Peacful Mind, Tranquility
Sideway Fighting, or Surreptitious Steps
Jiin Temple Ground Jitte Temple Hand, 10 Hands
Bassai Breach a Fortess, Trust Asunder Jion Temple Sound
Wanshu The name of Chinese Envoy Kosokun (Kusanku) The Name of the Chinese Public Official of the Ming Dynasty
Chinte Curious Hands Chinto Fighting to the East, or where th sun comes up
Sochin Strong Calmness, Grand Prize Shiho Kosokun Four Directions of Kosokun
Rohai Vision of a White Heron Niseishi Twenty four Steps
Gojushiho Fifty Four Steps Unsu(Unshu) Cloud Hand, Hand in the Clouds
Sanchin Three Battles Shinsei New Life, New Birth
Shinpa New Break point Aoyagi Geen Willow
Juroku Sixteen Myojo Pure Brightness
Matsukaze Pine Tree Wind Kenshu Excellent fist
Kensho Fisted Hand Kenpaku (Kenhaku) Superior Fist
Happo Sho Hand in Eight Directions Shisochin Warrior’s Grand Calmness
Seisan Thirteen Hands Tensho Rotating Palms, Elagant Hands
Seipai Eighteen Hands Seienchin Lull in the Storm
Kururunfa Seventeen, Holding Your Ground Suparinpei One Hundred Hands, One hundred Steps
Sanseiru Thirty Six Hands Saifa (Saiha) The Final Breaking Point
Nipaipo Twenty Eight Steps Haffa (Hakucho) White Swan, One Hundred Birds
Papporen Eight Steps, Eight Steps at a time