World Shitoryu Karatedo Federation Honbu Dojo

World Shitoryu Karate-do Federation Headquarters
1-7-24, Higashibenzai, asaka-shi,
Saitama-ken, Japan

Since 1934 Shitoryu has been growing as one of the most popular karate systems in the world. This growth has been prompted by the Japan Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Kai, and the All Japan Karate-Do Federation Shito-Kai. In 1993, the World Shitoryu Karatedo Federation was established in cooperation with the Japan Shito-Kai. To date local associations have been established in 55 countries within four continental regions. Those regions currently include Pan-AmericaAsia-Pacific, Europe, and Russia.

World Shitoryu Karate-do Federation Headquarters

World Shitoryu Karate-do Federation HeadquartersWorld Shitoryu Karate-do Federation Headquarters

A chronological look the WSKF

March, 1934
The founder Kenwa Mabuni estabished Do-Jo, You Syu Kan in Osaka. 
He named Shito-Ryu after both of his teachers, Itosu Sensei and Higaonna Sensei.

March, 1939
Shito-Kai was registered at the headquarters of Dai Nippon Butoku Kai. 
In July, Dai Nippon Karate-Do Kai started, later it changed its name to Japan Karate-Do Kai.

May, 1952
On the founder Kenwa Mabuni’s death, Kenei Mabuni succeeded to the second head of Shito-Ryu.

November, 1960
Manzo Iwata became a president at Japan Karate-Do Kai Eastern Japan headquarters. At same time, Kenei Mabuni became a president at its Western Japan headquarters.

August, 1964
At the founder Kenwa Mabuni’s 13th anniversary of death, All Japan Karate-Do Shito-Ryu Championship was held by united Eastern and Western headquarters. In same year, All Japan Karate-Do Federation was established and Shito-Ryu joined in the organization. On establishment of All Japan Karate-Do Federation Shito-Kai, Eiichi Tanaka became a president, Manzou Iwata and Kenei Mabuni became vice-presidents.

February 1st, 1980
On the president Eiichi Tanaka’s death, its organization changed as follows; Kenei Mabuni as an honorary president, Manzou Iwata as a president and Tsujikawa as a vice-president.

March 1993
World Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Federation was established and the 1st Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Championship was held at Tokyo Budo Kan.

April 12th, 1997
The WSKF moved it’s headquarters to a new site in Asaka- Saitama, Japan. This beautifully constructed building will serve as the Hombu or head dojo for Shitoryu activities the world over. The Hombu dojo now provides educational services to coaches, instructors, and athletes from around the world.

WSKF Executive Members
WSKF Executive Members
Front Row: (L-R) Sensei Sakio Ken,Sensei Mabuni Kenei, Sensei Tsujikawa.
Back Row: Sensei Murata, Sensei Hisatomi, Sensei Imanishi.