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[Result] The 10th Shitoryu Karatedo International Championships


The 10th Shitoryu Karatedo International Championships


Sensei Mabuni Kenwa first named Shitoryu in 1934. His activities as Japan Shitoryu Karatedo - kai led to the establishment of Dainippon Karatedo-kai and Japan Karatedo Federation, and later founded Japan Karatedo Federation Shitokai in 1964. Shitoryu is still continuing to spread not only in Japan but throughout the whole world.


Shitoryu Karatedo is a fusion of techniques and spirit of various styles of Okinawa karate and Kobudo. Its characteristic is the Bunkai Kumite which has the basics of Kata and created by applying the moves of Kata combining with Kumite.


WSKF formed a Board of Directors as a decision-making body. Technical and Administrative Headquarters control the organization. Regional headquarters (Japan/ Asia Pacific/ Africa/ Europe/ Pan America/ Eurasia) are responsible for the practical affairs in their respective areas.

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Shitoryu is active in over 60 countries around the world. Through the practice of martial art, it contributes to character building such as strengthening "Shin(mind), Gi(technique), Tai(body)" as one, cultivating one's character, enhancing moral sense and fostering attitude of respecting and honoring others.

Board Member

Introducing Board Members of each countries (President / Vice President / Chairman / Secretary General).

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